Winter gritting



Cornwall Council's winter gritting service is geared up with a fleet of gritter trucks, operated by Cormac, on 24-hour standby and ready to help keep Cornwall’s residents moving when the roads start to freeze. You can find further information by visiting:

If you go to - this map shows which routes will be treated each day if the weather forecast indicates that there will be freezing conditions. You can keep up to date with the winter service by following Cornwall Council: on Twitter. You can also follow Cormac: Information about school closures is posted here:

While Cormac and Cornwall Council will be doing everything they can to keep key roads clear during periods of snow and freezing weather, we can all do our bit by clearing ice outside our homes, stocking up on grit for drives and paths, and by keeping an eye on elderly neighbours. There is more information on what we can all do here: – please share this with people in your area.