Trerice Terrace Telephone Box

St Dennis


The Parish Council are currently looking at having the Telephone box near Rockwenna Livery Yard lightly renovated. This has fallen into disrepair in recent years and needs a little TLC, a bright new coat of paint I’m sure will make it feel a little more loved. This is only the first stage of the plan; we also want to put the telephone box to good use something that will benefit the community. Several suggestions have been put forward such as book swap, seed and plant swap, information booth showing the local footpaths and even to have a set of binoculars in there for people to use to spot the local wildlife. We want to know what you think, do you have any ideas or suggestions, or would you like to approve the ideas that have already put forwards, let us have your views, you can email or call the office or complete this short survey.

Telephone box