What is the Point

St Dennis Cemetery, Hall Road, St Dennis


We would like to thank the person who has made it possible for the cows to access the Cemetery. The footpath has been fenced off for two reasons:

  • To stop cattle from causing damage to graves and headstones.
  • To allow an area where dog walkers can walk without their dogs on leads as the previous signage was being ignored.

The Cemetery is a place of reflection, it is special to a lot of people, they do not want to arrive to the place where there loved ones have been laid to rest and find that a herd of cows have rampaged through the area (and yes cows can climb stiles) or an irresponsible dog owner has not cleaned up after their pet.

Following complaints of trees being removed (this had to be undertaken due to the condition of the trees) The Parish Council agreed to put some native trees along the hedge in this area. These were also pulled out and just left spread across the grass. It just seems that no matter what the Parish Council do there is always somebody that will not be satisfied. It goes with the territory I suppose you cannot please everybody all of the time.

The unfortunate part of all this is that we will have to have the fencing repaired and purchase more trees to replace those pulled out, this will incur a cost which ultimately is paid by residents of the village, this is thoughtless damage with an unnecessary cost.

Additional Documents

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