Census 2021

St Dennis


Census Day takes place on 21 March and Cornwall Council is encouraging everyone who identifies as Cornish to say it on the 2021 census.

You can find out more about the call to action to identify as Cornish here.

The number of people identifying as Cornish will help influence how services are planned and funded in Cornwall, and will also help provide information about how the Cornish are performing as a group across the country.

People in Cornwall and beyond who want to identify as Cornish on the Census will be able to do so by ticking the box marked ‘other’ under the nationality, ethnicity and language questions and then writing or typing in ‘Cornish’.

People will receive a pack and a code from the ONS which will allow them to go on line and complete the census.

Anyone who needs help completing their census form or who has not received a census form by 21 March 2021 should visit www.census.gov.uk/help or ring the Census Contact Centre on 0800 141 2021. Language support is available via the language helpline on 0800 587 2021.