Parish Youth Council

St Dennis


The Parish Council have had enquiries about the potential formation of a St. Dennis Youth Council to work alongside the existing Parish Councillors.

The Parish Council is responsible, amongst other things, for the facilities and the maintenance of the only large public green space. It has sought to provide facilities for all age groups to enjoy.

However, our Councillors are not young people and, knowing how and what they would like to be provided, or issues that affect them, and what can be done to benefit young people within the Parish is not always easy. This would be better if we had a Youth Council so that the youngsters can be given a voice and can have an influence in the decision-making processes, advising and consulting on decisions that affect them.

This would be an opportunity for young people to address concerns that are facing them today and give them a platform to represent the younger generation. It may be that the existence of a Youth Council would give young people a feeling of ownership of these facilities, and consequently, lessen the incidences of petty vandalism experienced recently.

In order to assess interest, we are asking for comments and suggestions in an online survey which can be found here, before we commit to starting this project. Alternatively, if you would like to be involved with joining a small group of Councillors to discuss the idea further, please contact the Parish Council office on 01726 821700.