Business Grant’s available through Cornwall Council

St Dennis


Businesses in Cornwall are to receive further grant payments to aid their recovery from COVID restrictions.

Additional Restrictions Grants

Cornwall Council has been allocated a further £4,427,419 by the Government to fund the Additional Restrictions Grant (ARG) Scheme and is in the process of making top-up payments to businesses that received 50 per cent of their claim earlier this year.

Businesses will now receive a total of 90 per cent of the maximum award or the amount they requested, whichever is the lower. For example, a business which could have received £10,000 and received £5,000, will now receive a further £4,000, taking its total grant to £9,000.

The £4.4million fund only allows the Council to make top-up payments to businesses that received money earlier this year – not to establish a new round of grants.

Restart Grants

Meanwhile, the vast majority of Cornish businesses eligible for the Government’s Restart Grant should have now received their payments.

The Restart Grant is a one-off grant to support eligible rate-paying businesses in reopening safely as coronavirus restrictions are lifted.

£102million has so far been distributed to more than 13,500 businesses.

For more information on grants, see Cornwall Council’s Business rates and coronavirus web page.