Good Citizen Award 2023

Event Location: St Dennis Working Men's Club

07:30 - 19:00 06/07/2023


After deliberation at our recent Council meeting, 3 lovely ladies were chosen. As the Council could not decide between

2nd and 3rd place, they felt it only fair to agree on joint 2nd so here are the results.

1st Ann Chapman. For all her support in the community with many organisations and especially her fundraising for Cancer research and for helping raise valuable funds for FOSDA. – thank you.

2nd Jo Lake. For all her support in the community for the people who need help with their cats and the care she gives to the animals, and everyone involved with this cause – thank you.

2nd Edwina Snell. For her warmth to others to ensure there is always a listening ear and someone to rely on in their time of need. For always being there and providing invaluable service to the community – thank you.


The Good Citizen Awards were presented by Cllrs Clarke, Kelsey and Harwood at the Working Men’s Club on 6 July. The St Dennis Ukulele Band kicked off the evening and the awards took place during the interval.   We would like to thank the Ukulele Band for standing in last minute for the Mid Cornwall Male Choir, who were originally due to perform, but cancelled due to illness. The evening was a lively one with the Ukulele Band certainly bringing toe-tapping music to the club. Also, during the interval, Jacky Ashby, the Treasurer of the St Dennis Bells & Ringers Bell Restoration Project, was presented with £486.38 towards the restoration of the church bells. This donation, towards the St Denys Bells appeal, was raised at the Coronation party.

Additional Documents

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