Supportmatch Homeshare Service



Supportmatch Homeshare Service

Cornwall Council has partnered with Supportmatch Homeshare and Cornwall’s Voluntary Sector Forum to deliver the Homeshare service which matches people who need somewhere to live with people who need some practical support and companionship.

Please share details of this service with people in your area. It’s an ideal solution for people living in their home on their own, needing low level support such as help getting groceries or odd jobs around the house but who don’t need a care package. It can also help support residents in Cornwall to live more affordably.

Anyone who has a spare room and would like to find out more can get in touch by emailing or calling 0203 633 6066.

People looking for accommodation and who think this arrangement might suit them can also email or telephone using the information above.

There’s more information on the Supportmatch website.