COVID update



Cornwall’s Public Health team would like to thank local councils who helped support our communities by hosting testing sites over the last 18 months.

The Government has now ended the general provision of free tests. All testing sites in Cornwall have closed and infrastructure will be removed over the coming weeks.

Some people – including those living and working in health and care settings – will still have access to free tests, but most will have the option of purchasing them. .Cases remain incredibly high in Cornwall and residents and visitors should continue to:

• Follow hands, face, space, fresh air guidance.

• If you have symptoms of COVID or winter illness, test positive for COVID or have a temperature, stay at home for five days if you can.

• After the five days, continue to avoid spending time with people who may be vulnerable to the virus. If you can, don’t go to work if you are ill.

• Avoid as much contact with other people as possible if you are a close contact of someone who has COVID-19.

• If you leave home, take a face covering and avoid spending time in crowded places or meeting vulnerable people.

• Get vaccinated. Vaccines reduce the risk of serious illness and help stop the spread of COVID.

See the Information about Coronavirus page on Cornwall Council’s website for support for residents and businesses, including testing and vaccinations, local COVID-19 data, help with food, financial support, mental health support, and more.

Go to the following website for further useful information: