St Dennis Cemetery Records

St Dennis


Please be aware that the Parish Council will make every effort to contact grave owners personally when any issue with a grave space arises, we will discuss any action that may be required, either under the the Parish Council’s responsibility or the owners, we aim to work with you to find a compromise where possible. We can only do this if we have the correct contact details. This at the moment is being reviewed, and updated as we move to a computerised record system, if we do not hold current details then we will be placing a list of those plots within the notice board requesting that you contact the Parish Council office. You can also call or email the office to check the records that we hold are correct.

Over time as with all things legislation changes and the Parish Council are responsible for ensuring that each grave space has a named living owner, who holds a current Exclusive Right of Burial. In the past this was not the case. So whilst we are carrying out the updating of the records, the Parish Council are waiving any of their administration charges for the cost of transfer for the next six months. This will be for all those who come forward that do not hold the correct paperwork, they will need to provide evidence that they are the rightful owner to the grave space. If this cannot be provided the clerk will work with you to investigate alternative solutions where possible.